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Item Information

NOS 8/32in Suspension set (Speed Merchant/Associated L4/CRC compatible)[OPT-0134]

Our Selling Price: US$45.00
NOS (New Old Skool) 8/32in Suspension set
Compatible to Kyosho/Speed Merchant/Associated L4/CRC series
use 8/32in screw for front bulkhead

include 1 pairs each of
OPT-0121 NOS Lower arm set (8/32in) L & R common
OPT-0122 NOS Upper arm set
OPT-0123 NOS Adjust sleeve A
OPT-0124 NOS Adjust sleeve B
OPT-0125 NOS Adjust sleeve C
OPT-0126 NOS Adjust sleeve D
OPT-0127 NOS Adjust sleeve E
OPT-0128 NOS Adjust sleeve F
OPT-0129 NOS Adjust sleeve G
OPT-0130 NOS Adjust sleeve H
OPT-0132 NOS King pin

4pcs of M3 x 12 flat head screw
4pcs of OPT-0077 VSS front end pivot ball
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