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VSS White belt S3M[BEL-0xxx]

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VSS White belt S3M
This belt is design for ultimate low friction and drivability. 8 length for most of car (front 4 types, rear 4 types). To reduce friction life of belt is shorter than standard belt.

BEL-0180 Yokomo BD8 (34T) / Mugen MTC1 / Schumacher Mi6
BEL-0183 TRF 419X
BEL-0186 Kyosho TF7 / Serpent P4X / Destiny RX-10SR
BEL-0189 Xray T4/Yokomo BD8 (40T) / Destiny RX-10S/SR / Infinity IF14/Awesomatix A800 / Associated TC7.1 / VBC D09
BEL-0192 Destiny RX-10SR
BEL-0351 Awesomatix A800x MMCX
BEL-0507 Yokomo BD8 (34T) / Mugen MTC1
BEL-0510 Serpent P4X / Destiny RX-10SR
BEL-0513 Xray T4 / Infinity IF14 / Kyosho TF7 / TRF 419X / Awesomatix A800 / Schumacher Mi6 / VBC D09 / Destiny RX-10SR
BEL-0516 Yokomo BD8 (40T) / Destiny RX-10S/SR
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