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VD12 Spool graphite rear axle

VD12 Spool graphite rear axle[VD-0023]

[Not available]
VD12-2019 conversion kit (Alunimum chassis version)
VD12-2019 conversion kit (Graphite chassis version)
VD12-2019 Main Chassis Graphite 2.5mm
VD12-2019 Main Chassis Aluminum 2.0mm
VD12-2019 Lower brace Aluminum 2.0mm
VD12-2019 Lower brace Graphite 2.5mm
VD12-2019 Front brace 2.25mm
VD12-2019  Slide Floating servo deck
VD12-2019 Upper brace Graphite 2.5mm
VD12-2019 Motor pod (L & R common)
Spool Rear Axle pipe spacer
VD12 front center shock mount Graphite 2.5mm
VD-12 M3x12 Flat head screw (10 pieces)
VD-12 Plastic Ball Cup, Short set
VD-12 Side Damper shaft (2 pieces)
VD-12 Side Damper Tube (2 pieces)
VD-12 4-40 Cap Head Screw (6 pieces)
VD-12 M3x5 Flat head screw (10 pieces)
VD-12 Shock preload nut O ring
VD-12 4mm believe washer (1 pair)
VD-12 Caster Shim Set (1set)
VD-12 Side springs medium (1 pairs)
VD-12 Diff ball (16 pieces)
VD-12 1-4x3-8 Bearing (2 pieces)
VD-12 1-4x3-8 Bearing flanged (2 pieces)
VD-12 1/8x5/16" Flanged bearing (2 pieces)
VD-12 Pivot nut

VD-12 Pivot nut[VD-0082]

[Stock:6 ]
VD-12 Washer 7x3x1mm (4 pieces)
VD-12 King Pin Shim, M3.2x0.4mm (10 pieces)
VD-12 Binding Head Screw M2.0x4mm (10 pieces)
VD-12 M2.5x6mm Socket screw (10 pieces)
VD-12 M2.5x4 Button head screw (10 pieces)
VD-12 M3x5 set screw (10 pieces)
VD-12 M3x8 set screw (10 pieces)
VD12 M2x8 Button head screw (10 pieces)
VD12 M3x10 Button head screw (10 pieces)
VD12 Shock ball pivot 4.3mm (4 pieces)
VD12 Pivot ball 5mm (5 peices)
VD12 Delrin pivot spacer
VD12 Center pivot brace
VD12 Rear side shock mount (1 pair)
VD12 Servo post (1 pair)
VD12 Antenna mount

VD12 Antenna mount[VD-0059]

[Low stock]
VD12 Lipo stopper L (1 pair)
VD12 Side link 80mm (1 pair)
VD12 Body post (1 pair)
VD12 Shock tube & shaft (1 pair)
VD12 Bumber plate

VD12 Bumber plate[VD-0053]

[Stock:99 ]
VD12 E-Ring E-2.5 (10 peices)
VD12 Center Shock spring (Medium Hard)
VD12 Shock bottom mount
VD12 Shock Plastic insert
VD12 Shock bladder

VD12 Shock bladder [VD-0048]

[Stock:3 ]
VD12 Shock bottom nut

VD12 Shock bottom nut[VD-0047]

[Low stock]
VD12 Shock upper cap

VD12 Shock upper cap[VD-0046]

[Low stock]
VD12 Shock O-ring

VD12 Shock O-ring[VD-0045]

[Stock:3 ]
VD12 Shock shaft

VD12 Shock shaft[VD-0044]

[Stock:3 ]
VD12 Shock piston

VD12 Shock piston[VD-0043]

[Stock:3 ]
VD12 Shock cylinder

VD12 Shock cylinder[VD-0042]

[Stock:2 ]
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